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Without further ado, here is the 2015 Subaru WRX and it may take a while to grow on you. Officially revealed at the LA Auto Show yesterday, Subaru has announced that this will be the best WRX yet.

Although it does look like Subaru took the current gen Impreza and slapped a meaner face, bigger wheels, and a dual exhaust on it, the new WRX actually carried over quite a few genes from the jaw-dropping WRX Concept that was revealed at the NYIAS earlier this year. First, the 2015 WRX finally got the big mouth it deserves. With almost every current sports car on the market ‘sporting’ a big smile, it was finally Subaru’s time to join in. The hood scoop remains the focal point, duh, but the new LED outlined headlights are just cool enough to take your focus away for a moment.

On top of the new face, most of the rest of car is taken from the Impreza. It does, however, have a very cool air splitter on it’s butt and those dual exhaust tips that will promote the Boxer engine’s familiar rumble. The fenders are slightly more flaired than the Impreza as well and those cool WRX badges by the front wheels. Speaking of wheels, the WRX has 17″ black wheels that seem to be similar in style to the BRZ’s. We will probably have to wait for an STi version for bigger wheels and the classic hey-look-at-me wing.

Under the hood is also as we have all expected. Subaru has ditched the familiar 2.5 liter turbo engine and swapped it for a 2.0 liter engine with a twin-scroll turbo. The new engine brings to power up to… wait for it… 268 hp! I’m only teasing. Although it is only 3 hp more than the outgoing model, the new engine/turbo combo promises better gas mileage and more power at all speeds.

Now here’s where the real changes come in. Subaru has learned from their success with the BRZ that AWD alone is not enough for handling stubborn corners. According to them, there is a higher performing suspension, this new WRX has a 41% stiffer unibody design, AND reduces the body roll by 20%. Pair that with the standard symmetrical AWD and the 6-speed manual transmission that now comes standard with the WRX, and you have a car that can pull up its skirt and tackle any terrain!

Is there a downside? Well, the WRX continues to get bigger every generation (just like its drivers), other than some cool digital displays the interior is pretty much the same, and it’s going to come in a CVT model (but we won’t get into that). All in all, it’s pretty much all good news. Sure it doesn’t look as wild as past WRXs, but it seems like it will still act as wild. You can bet we’ll be hounding our local Subaru dealership as soon as this car comes out!

*photos by Subaru

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What do you think?

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