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Auto Esporte Expo Show – 2013

Auto Esporte Expo Show Brazil-29

As if the world finals for F1 weren’t enough, São Paulo also played host to a national auto show. Auto Esporte (Auto Sport) is the automotive arm of the major news conglomerate Globo, here in Brazil. Just as the name suggests, this was a massive Expo. The lot to surrounding the building was dedicated to used car sales that I estimate reached into the 1000′s. Essentially three city blocks long, it was a massive area.

Inside was a fully Brazilian take on auto shows. With blaring music and plenty of models, and models, there was a lot to take in. Unfortunately, I only had half of a day to get my work done so I was in a bit of a rush. However, I managed to finagle many photos. Hopefully I’ll be back next year when they host the international auto show which is quite a bit more exotic and exciting. Enjoy!



What do you think?

What do you think?

Connor McIntire is a part-time contributor and a full-time automotive enthusiast. He is currently studying abroad in Brazil but still reppin' his love of cars.


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