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Pagani Huayra - Michael O'Hara

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Local photographer Michael O\'Hara went to London, England this summer and boy did he capture some exotics. His photography puts ours to shame but...
Autocross Lineup 9

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Here is the coverage from the SCCS Autocross event on July 14, 2013! This is the first time we had ever competed and it...

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Here is the video coverage from Sunday, May 19th\'s Autocross. If I didn\'t get you on tape this time don\'t worry, I plan on...

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Today was a fantastic day to hold the 3rd Annual Luxury Auto Mall Autocross. It wasn\'t too hot out and lots of participants showed...

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I recently had the good fortune to go to Washington D.C. as an attachment to a business trip I had in Baltimore and boy...

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Have you ever wanted to see your dream cars go head to head in a drag race? Well I just recently stumbled across a YouTube...

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July 15th, 2012 was the host of the 2nd annual Autocross sponsored by BMW of Sioux Falls and Luxury Auto Mall. The event was held...

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Full coverage from Automania 2012 in Sioux Falls, SD.

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This blacked out BMW M3 is very clean, has dual exhaust, and a carbon fiber hood. It was spotted in downtown Sioux Falls, SD.

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BMW has it\'s own in-house division the turns regular 3 series BMW\'s into hulking powerhouses with an M badge. The M series adds more...