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Dodge Viper GTS 4

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While visiting Minneapolis this last weekend for a wedding I was a little disappointed that I didn\'t see any unique cars. Usually when I...
Automania 2013 - Brandon SD (16)

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If you were at Automania this past weekend, you know there were hundreds of amazing cars. We\'ve filtered through over 300 of our pictures...
Automania 2013 - Brandon SD (248)

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Automania 2013 made its debut in Brandon, South Dakota this year and it was a fantastic! In the past, Automania has always taken place...

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Not only is it always cool to spot a Dodge Viper, but a first generation Viper RT/10 in this good of condition almost makes...

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I know this was at a dealership and not technically \"spotted\" but it was way too awesome not to post. This my friends, is...

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There is one car you don\'t ever expect to see at a Hardee\'s in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and it\'s a Ford GT. And...

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The New York Auto Show had a ton of beautiful vehicles released this year and here is a list of SFAR\'s top 13. From...

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Full coverage from Automania 2012 in Sioux Falls, SD.