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Toyota GT86 on the Rally-field

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Nameless Performance Toyota GT86

It’s high time rally goers hear that familiar boxer rumble on the track since Subaru has been skimpy with their involvement lately. And now the flat-four engine is making a comeback but not quite in the form you’d think. Toyota has announced that they are developing a GT86/FR-S rally car for the World Rally Championship (WRC) but the company “Nameless Performance” went ahead and made their own. Like a boss.

In the endless goal for having the fastest car in any class, Nameless is hoping that their GT86 dominates the 2wd class AND build better consumer performance parts in the process. Founders John Hoyenga and Jason Griffith are engineers and they started building kits in their backyard and selling maybe one per month. Now, less than 4 years later, they are selling around 300 kits per month and are in cahoots with Cosworth. Yes, THE Cosworth.

Now back to the car. This Toyota GT86 is running a Borg Warner twin-scroll turbo on it’s stock engine which is producing 260 hp. The transmission is a Hollanger RDS6 sequential gearbox that is paired with a Speedway quick change differential. To keep the car planted there are MCA struts and a custom subframes. It also has big ol breaks and grippy gravel tires as well. Nameless has a plan for a 400 hp turbo engine but are looking for more sponsor support.

Nameless Performance is making awesome use of one of the newest sports cars out there. Since day one, the FR-S/BRZ/GT86 has had so much potential to be a great performance car and companies like this are pushing it to the limits. Check out the photos and video below!

To read more about this Toyota GT86, check out this article by: Dusty Ventures

*Photos: Randy Montgomery, Steven Harrell, Pete Kuncis

*Video: Nameless Performance

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